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Book Description

A small line of code in a Swiss bank's computer propels Alex Payton into a world of corruption and deceit when she uncovers a bank account opened for a Jewish family during World War II. From her basement cubicle in Zurich, she is drawn to Amsterdam, Budapest, New York, and Brazil on a dangerous hunt for the truth.

The account Alex discovers is a Treuhand account, one of many set up to protect Jewish families' identities from Nazi persecutors. This one has been slowly accruing value in a Swiss bank for more than half a century and has remained unclaimed and undisclosed.

As she searches for clues to the fate of the family, Alex becomes entangled in an international web of treachery and betrayal.  With each step of her investigation, she unknowingly exposes herself and the lost heirs to the dangers of revealing secrets that some would kill to protect.

From the Back Cover

"Readers looking for a thriller with the page-turning appeal of The Da Vinci Code need look no further. With this novel, Epping has become a major thriller writer." - Frank M. Robinson, best-selling author of The Donor, Waiting, and The Towering Inferno

"Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride.  Trust introduces us to a smart new hero willing to test her instincts in dangerous territory.  And ultimately, it reminds us that justice is a destination well worth the detours." -Thalia Zepatos, author of A Journey of One's Own

"Once I started reading Trust I couldn't stop. There are fascinating characters, high-tension suspense, and lightning-fast action. As a pure thriller, Charles Epping's novel is absolutely top grade." -Richard A. Lupoff, author of Terrors, Visions, and Dreams, literary commentator and national book reviewer for "Cover to Cover," KPFA, Berkeley, CA